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tAkE A gooD hABit 是什么意思,有这个短语吗? 可...

用take不太好develop(发展)不错fall/get into a good habit也行

take a good habit of reading阅读的好习惯双语例句1.In the past, I didn't use to take a walk , but now I have developed a good habit of walking with the "help"of her. 在过去我不常去散步,可如今,在她的“帮助”下,我已养成了散步的习惯.2.At

take up a good habit同义词养成一个好习惯keep a good habit或者Develop a good habit

As I'm getting older and older, I deeply realize it's so important to form a good habit for a person, especially a habit of taking exercise. Recently I haven't been very well for some time. Every day I have to take some medicine and often pay a visit to the


1.has taken away拿走2. take out拿出去3. takes after长得像4. take off起飞

No matter how difficult the homework is, you must try to do it yourself and finish it on time. If you practice again and again, nothing will be difficult. When you are having lessons, don't forget to make notes.Every evening you must take out the notes

take [英][tek][美][tek] vt.拿,取; 采取; 接受(礼物等); 耗费(时间等); vi.拿; 获得; n.捕获量; 看法; 利益,盈益; (入场券的)售得金额; 第三人称单数:takes过去分词:taken现在进行时:taking过去式:took 例句:1.This might take several minutes. 这可能需要几分钟时间.2.This can take different forms. 这可以采取不同的形式.

养成一种习惯 基本翻译 get into a groove fall into a groove 网络释义 养成一种习惯:acquire a habit 养成一种习惯 [习性:acquire a habit

I also have a lot of habits.Let me talk about my good habits.I don't watch too much TV.You know,it is bad for our eyes.Especially if you sit in front of the TV.Let's go on.Please show your smile every day.Smiling is a good way to be healthy.It makes


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