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My FAvouritE FooD ( is ) nooDlEs AnD Dumplings .

my favourite food __is___(be) noodles and dumplings 不要受到宾语是复数的诱惑 主谓一致就是说和主语的单数还是复数一致,这里的主语是food,是单数,因此用is


对的.因为动词是与主语保持一致的,主语是my favorite food

错误,food为不可数名词,My favourite food is beef noodles and dumplings.

my flat is a three--room one with a kitchen . first , there is a tv set , a sofa , an air-conditioner and a table in the sitting room . there are three rooms in it . in each room ,there is a bed and a cupboard .but in my room ,there is a bookcase ,where you can see all my books .祝学习进步,天天快乐!

Noodles is my favourite food.

It is on the weekend,I want to cook dinner for my family.Now I am cooking in the living room.Her favourite food is dumplings,so I will make dumplings and fruit salad for her.

all of the food, i t like noodles and dumplings best

There are many different kinds of food. My favorite food is fried rice.In China, most of the people in the south eat rice. And I like fried rice best.It's really delicious. When I go home from school, I am always hungry. At that time I always make fried rice




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