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LEt's go to thE zoo.他的回答。

OK, let'sgoGo ideaWhy not.这些都可以如不明白请追问手机提问者如果满意,请在客户端右上角评价点“满意”即可如果有其他问题请采纳本题后另发点击向我求助,答题不易,请谅解,谢谢.祝学习进步

1.would you like 2.how about 3.why not 4.why don't we

shall we

Let's go__[go] to the zoo.Would you like _to drink_[drink] a cup of coffee?I _went__[go] fishing with my father yesterday.Look! The children __are flying____ [fly] kites.How many _knives___[knife] do you have?

hi Helen let's go to the zoo.的回答 是Good idea.或Ok,let's go.

let's go to the zoo让我们去动物园双语对照例句:1.Let's go to the zoo by bus. 我们一起坐公车去动物园吧.2.Let's go to the production center. 让我们走进生产中心..-----------------------------------如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

Yes,let's go.No,we won't.

Last Friday when classes were ended, my classmate John said, " Tomorrow is a holiday. Let's go to the zoo!" I have not visited a zoo for a long time, so I said, "Yes". We all agreed to gather at the school gate at 9 o'clock on Saturday morning.

Let's go to the zoo!(At home)Daming: What a nice day! Let's go to the zoo, OK?Amy and Lingling: OK!T: I'm a driver. I'll take you to the zoo, let's go. Amy and Lingling: OK. 展开 作业帮用户 2017-10-09 举报


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