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I like doing sports and reading in my free time. My favorite sport is basketball. I often play basketball with my classmates after school and play with my friends on weekends. I like playing basketball because it can make me strong and health. When I

Holiday is come, I and my mother or father go to the park.we'are by car. I come to park. I eat bread. Mother is drank water. Father is went comping. It is happy holiday.

我帮你找了一篇,一定要采纳我哦. Life in the Future Ten years later, I thought that I will become a doctor, because may help many people, I want to go to Paris to live, heard that is very beautiful, I will live with I best friend in the apartment, at that

As teenagers, we should always keep safety in mind. But how can we keep safe? Here are some of my suggestions. First, we should be careful when we make friends, especially on line. Second, if we are in danger, we must call the police for help in

My School Life My name is… .I'm…years old,and I study in… MiddleSchool .My school is very big andbeautiful.I'm very happy in theschool.We have… classes everyday.The

I think I will very happiness of my life in the future. I like traveling,so I want to be a tour guide. And

I understand that we have not been together for very long, but I want to express to you the love that I feel. My life has been a hellish nightmare, one that haunts and never leaves me to peace. The day that I realized that I loved you, my bad dreams

How do i learn English I have been study English for 5 years,and I really love it.I get the champion of the school's English speaking contest last week.I study English by reading English magazines.I think that memorizing the words of magazines is

去年北京市中考英语作文也是关于做家务的,你上网查 i think teenages should do housework. firstly, parents are usually busy with their work. children should be responsible for their family and they should help their parents reduce their housework.

I can play the piano. I love to play it best.Because it's very interesting.It can help me relax.And it can help me learn more about knowledge.I often play it on my spare time.I often play it on Saturday and Sunday.And I can play it very well.So I'm very happy.


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