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whAt timE Do you usuAlly go to BED?

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When do you usually go to school?

I usually go to school by bus? Your father is at seven o 'clock to work? What time do you usually go to bed? Please and listening to the teacher carefully? He twelve lunch?

When do you usually go to sleep? The house is too expensive, so I can't afford it.

I will go to the zoo.I will wash my face.I did get up at 6 am.At 6 am.At around 7 am.At 9 pm.I ususlly go to bed at 9 pm.At 9 pm.There are 2 birds.It's a map.Yes,itis.No,it isn't.I 'm going to Hainan.

你好!你每天几点睡觉?怎么说?When do you usually sleep every day? How do you say?

中译:每天你什么时候睡觉回答:Before half past ten.中译:十点半以前.

1:22o'clock2:19o'clock3: 8hours4: sleep5: 5day's6:geography


when do you go to bed?



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