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We went fishing yesterday

rode a horse 原形: ride a horse went camping 原形: go camping went fishing 原形: go fishing rode a bike 原形:ride a bike hurt my foot 原形: hurt my foot ate fresh food 原形: eat fresh food

Yesterday l went swimming in the swimming pool,it was very relaxing.relaxing means 舒服的

l went to Beijing last year.我去年去了北京.(过去式,无语法错误)

答案是:原型是 go fishing 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳

afterwards 为副词,与first,then,next,finally一样,表示次序,可以放句首,也可放句末.所以,造句只要符合事情发展的顺序即可,如:First,he went to the shopping mall.他先去了商场Then,he bought the clothes.然后他买了衣服Afterwards,he went home by bus. 后来他坐车回家Finally,he went to bed.最后他上床睡觉

Lucy went swimming and went fishing .一般不用两个动词 即 Lucy went swimming and fishing .

主谓宾结构 my brother and i做主语 went(go)做谓语 fishing做宾语

He rode a bike and went fishing yesterday.

lets go fishing !*^O^*


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