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vocative无嘛a.n.如果要动词请找vocalize1. 用嗓音发 2. 【语】使母音化; 加母音符号于上 3. 说; 唱 vi.动变 : vocalized; vocalized; vocalizing

On Lifelong LearningThe skills of Oral communication are something of a and this mutual and simultaneous gazing and vocalizing create "Quite special moments"

记忆生词分为三步:注意单词,选择单词,记忆单词. 第一步,注意单词.注意单词的方法是加强朗读.同学们在掌握了某个生词的读音之后,不要迫不及待地去书写,以书写加强记忆.以书写来记忆生词固然速度快,但仅靠书写达到长时间记忆是不可能的.英语相对于汉语最显著的特点是音和形的完整结合.正确地朗读生词对记忆有很大的帮助.朗读生词使大家对于单词的读解经历三个步骤:一、理清单词的脉络,即元音字母和辅音字

for english beginners, memorizing new words is necessary but difficult, and long lists of words and heavy vocabulary books make the effort seem impossible. they are puzzled why they try to memorize words with great efforts but forget them easily.

[图文] and petted and talked to him. He would respond by wagging his tail, vocalizing, and blinking his lights.. "AIBO is charming once you start to interact with him," said t

This is the most unusual story of a most unusual girl She's the paint in my picture, of a most unusual world She can crawl out a frame while she's hanging on the wall And she's calling my name She's not so usual Oh no, she's not so usual She's mostly

高三要学会总结,希望以下回答对你有帮助. 首先要摒弃不良的阅读习惯. 1.“指读” 2.“声读” 3.“译读” 4.“回读” 5.“析读” 6.“参照读” 7.“视幅过窄” 8.“毛病”(bad habits): 教学过程中,发现学生在阅读时常做些不利于阅读的坏

Louis[1] Armstrong (August 4, 1901[2] July 6, 1971), nicknamed Satchmo[3] or Sachimo[4] and Pops, was an American jazz trumpeter and singer.Coming to prominence in the 20s as an innovative cornet and trumpet virtuoso, Armstrong was a

i wanna take you home,我要把你带回家to my place属于我的地方share my dreams and my fantasies,和你分享我的梦和幻想i cant wait我已无法再等下去i wanna show you things,我要给你看件东西you've never seen before 你之前从未见过girl i

talk to me Talk To Me Lyrics [Verse1] I wanna take you home,to my place Share my say Ive never felt love in this way,this way (vocalizing)[Chorus] Ive been waiting for this my


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