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It takes me twenty minutes to exercise every day.或 spend twenty minutes to exercise every day.

1,我每天锻炼一个小时. ___It____ __takes______ _____me___ ___an____ ____hour_____ to exercise every day.为什么用to.It takes sb. sometime to do sth.是个固定搭配,表示某人花费多长时间干某事.2,i hope to work in a radio station.it is

one important rule is to exercise意思一个重要的规则是锻炼exercise[英][ekssaz][美][eksrsaz]n.练习; 运动,训练; 运用; 典礼; vi.锻炼,训练,练习; vt.锻炼(身体某部位); 使焦虑,使忧虑; 实行,发挥(作用); 运用; 第

do exercise 英[du: eks] 美[du kssaz] 做体操 [例句]he advises finding an earlier time in the day to do exercise.他建议每天找一个更早的时间来做运动.

这里是都可以的,理解不同.to do倾向于表示;而doing则是分词短语构成名词性短语作主语.

锻炼对我们的健康有益.【It's healthy for us】 to exercise 选我为正确答案吧!∩_∩

用try to exercise,表示为了保持健康,我努力运动try to do sth.设法做某事,尽力做某事:He tried to finish the work ahead of time.他设法提前完成这件工作.try doing sth.试着做某事,试验做某事:-I usually go th

Taking exercise is good for our health. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. By taking exercise, we can relax our body and mind. At the same time, we can harden our muscle and have a good figure. If we don't take exercise for a long time, we

exercise ['ekssaiz] n. 运动;练习;运用;操练;礼拜;典礼 vt. 锻炼;练习;使用;使忙碌;使惊恐 vi. 运动;练习 [ 过去式exercised 过去分词exercised 现在分词exercising ] vt.1. 锻炼(身体),训练:to exercise the body 锻炼身体 to exercise

to exercise为目的状语,不是定语


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