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歌曲名:the future is now歌手:the offspring专辑:days go bythe offspring - the future is nowthis city''s made of diamondsand tomorrow glass will growon the freedoms that divide usthey''re coming after meflashback 1984now who''s knock-

From the top to the bottomBottom to top I stopAt the core I've forgottenIn the middle of my thoughtsTaken far from my safetyThe picture is thereThe memory won't escape meBut why should I careThere's a place so dark you can't see the end(Skies

to seize the present is not to forget about the past, future is now; tomorrow is bred in today. it is something we create. what defines the future is not what you were, nor what you will be, but what you are. things done are done; things to be done are not

When I was little, I once asked: “when will my future come, mum?” My mother smiled and said: “The future is now. Every one of us is walking on a huge and invisible cloth, if we seize everyday to learn, to work and to think, our footsteps will paint a

Future is nowFasten your belt, gonna go! FUTURE IS NOW Good evening, honorable judges, ladies and gentlemen, my friends, For some people, future is past; they indulge in the memory of yesterday's sound and fury. For others, future is future;


歌名:The Future Is Now演唱:The Offspring

Now Is The Future In today's society, we hope for the future. Now, it is to lay the cornerstone for the future, laying the path to success. Now this society is advanced, is comfortable. However, in a corner of the city, we noted that some phenomenon?

the future is now 正解


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