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The Fitting-in of Suzy Khan The first time I saw Suzy Khan, I knew I had to help her. She was really The first time I saw Suzy Khan, I knew I had to help her. She was really small for her age of 12. The boy in my

amount,number 这一对词都能用作名词和动词,又都表示“数目”、“总数”之意,故很易混淆.它们之间的区别是,amount用于不可数名词,表示“量”; number用于可数名词,表示“数”.例:he has contributed a considerable amount of

The Virtues of Growing Older (长大变老有好处) Our society worships youth. Advertisements convince us to buy Grecian Formula and Oil of Olay so we can hide the gray in our hair and smooth the lines on our face. Television shows feature

1.适应;融入.例句:I miss fitting in and understanding everything that's going on. Sometimes I don't like being a foreigner.很怀念融入人群及了解周遭发生所有事物的感觉.有时候我不喜欢当外国人.2.符合例句:Article Four Those fitting in

a member of 和the member of 是一个意思,只是the member of 后边的谓语动词的单数形式,另外一个用复数 例如: A number of students are in the room.教室里有很多学生.The number of the students is 56. 学生的数量是60.

区别:1)in the front of通常相对于空间而言,指某人或物位于某个空间的内部,但它指的是物体的前部,意为“在……的前部”.如: the teacher is standing in the front of the classroom.老师站在教室的前面.(指教室里的前面) 2)at the front of也指在某个物体本身或范围之内的前部,但仅指 一个点而已,范围没有in the front of那么大.两者有时可换用.如: mike is sitting at the front of the classroom.迈克坐在教室的前面.

the shirt of a happy man英语作文缩写

指向 瞄向

区别是:on the front of指的是在前的,靠前的.in the front of 指的是在…前面,在前部.例句辨析:on the front of1、She was on the front of a black in the ground. 她在地上的一个黑色的前面.2、The blinking light on the front of the unit indicate

in front of 是在外面的前面,比如 There is a garden in front of the house.房前有个花园.而in the front of 是在内部的前面.比如 There is a blackboard in the front of the classroom.教室前面有块黑板.


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