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sweep away 英[swi:p wei]美[swip we] 释义 扫除; 清除; 冲走; 刮走 一扫而空; 扫过; 横扫1 The second phase of the so-called bulldozer initiative to sweep away some of the restraints to business has been launched.已经开始执行所谓推土机倡议的第二阶段,扫除对商企的一些限制.2 We clean the house and sweep away bad luck.我们打扫房间并清除掉坏运气.

sweep away [英][swi:p wei][美][swip we] 扫除; 刮走; 冲走; 清除;

swept是sweep的过去式,sweep away 扫除;冲走;肃清;消除等意思The dam break and an impetuous torrent of water sweep away the town. 堤坝崩塌了,奔腾的急流冲垮了镇子.Newspaper editorials spoke of the need to sweep away corrupt

sweep:清除,清扫,打扫sweep away消灭,彻底消除,完全打消

clean比较全能,一般都可以用,clean the room,clean the door,,wash一般是用于家务,洗盘子,洗衣服,,wash the clothes sweep一般用于擦地板,sweep the floor

楼主你好 sweep away 扫过; 冲走,卷走,扫除; 一扫而空; (风) 吹走;sweep anything away 横扫;sweep sth away 冲走/吹走/扫除某物,;til we sweep them away 英英解释v.1. eliminate completely and without a trace 2. overwhelm

up 表示“光,彻底”.打扫彻底.away表示“弄走,弄到一边去”.扫到一边去.


扫走,sweep 的意思是打扫

throw away 1.discard; lose or let slip by foolishness or neglect抛弃;因愚蠢或疏忽而失去或放弃*He has thrown away a good opportunity.他已经失去了一个良好的机会.*You are throwing away your chance of becoming a success.你在错过成功的


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