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suCh ADj n thAt造句

He is such a good boy that he does housework every day.

such a beautiful girl that i wanna kiss her

用such adj pl that造句

It is such a difficult problem that I can`t work it out 这个问题很难以至于我们都不能够解答 He is such a good student that we all like him. 他是个好学生,我们都喜欢他. His has such beautiful voice that we were all attracted by him. 他的声音真好听,我们都被他迷上了.

It's such a big apple that I can't wait eating it.这真是个大苹果啊,我迫不及待想要把它吃掉.It's such a useful dicationary that helps me a lot.这是一本相当有用的字典,它帮了我很多.再看看别人怎么说的.

1 You are such a nice man that i want to make friends with you, It is such a sunny day that I want to have a walk outside. He was such a foolish boy that he belived her words Tom was such a lazy boy that he didn't want to do his homewoek It was such

There's so lonely an old woman that sitting on the chair of the park.

She made such a good job that she was praised by the boss..He had not planned his time well,so that he did not finish his work on time.

It's such a heavy stone that we can't carry it. 这是一个沉重的石头,我们不能随身携带. This was such an interesting play that I went to see it several times. 这个话剧十分有趣,所以我去看过好几次.

1 It was such a hot day that we all went to the river to have a swim2 She has got auch an old car that nobody is interested in it when she tries to sell it.3 John is such a good boy that every girl in


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