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英语scared to be lonely中文害怕孤独

scared to be lonely翻译:害怕孤独

Scared To Be Lonely--- Martin Garrix、Dua Lipa,高品音质网页链接,点击普通下载即可

亲,是 Scared to Be Lonely 吧.《Scared To Be Lonely》(《害怕孤独》)是歌手Martin Garrix/Dua Lipa演唱的一首单曲,收录在专辑《Scared To Be Lonely》当中.Scared to Be Lonely

你好!be surprised是指对什么事感到惊讶,如:I was surprised because of his hehave,我对他的举止感到讶异.be scared是指对什么事感到害怕,如:I was scared becase of the scream,我对那阵尖叫声感到害怕.希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

there for you ,小马丁和戳爷合作的歌曲


be scared of doing sth、本身担心某事的发生.be scared to do sth、害怕做某事.楼上“害怕正在做的一件事”让人很不能接受.

be afraid to do sth.是害怕去做某事,强调的是将要去做的,还未发生的事情或动作be afraid of doing sth是害怕做某事,过去可能发生过,先咱的意愿是不想去做. 拓展: 二者作“害怕”之义时,可互换,如: I'm afraid/ (scared) of dogs. 我害怕

歌曲名:Scared Of Lonely歌手:Beyonce专辑:I AmSasha FierceBeyoncé - Scared Of LonelyI'm in this fight, and I'm swingingAnd my arms are getting tiredI'm trying to be this emptiness but I'm running out of timeI'm sinking in the sand , And I


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