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The boy disappeared round the corner.男孩在拐弯处消失了.The sun disappeared behind a cloud.太阳在云层后面消失了.The ships seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth.那些轮船似乎已经从地球表面消失了.My keys have disappeared off the desk in my office.我放在办公桌上的钥匙不见了.

1.i made this cake specially,with brown sugar instead of white.我特别地以红糖代替白糖做了这个蛋糕.2.i gave him advice instead of money.我给了他忠告,而不是钱.3.there is a growing tendency for people to work at home instead of in offices.人

remind sb of sth this hotel reminds me of the one we stayed in last year.这家旅馆使我想起了去年我们住过的那家.he rather reminds me of his brother.见了他就使我想起了他的哥哥.

I will eat bananas instead of apples.

instead of 英 [insted v] 美 [nstd v] (用…)代替…, (是…)而不是…, (用…)而不用…1、The farmers will be paid for their grain in cash, instead of IOUs. 农民卖粮,将以现金支付,而不是白条了.2、We did the logo in lower-

hundreds of=成千上万的;数以百计的e.g. There are hundreds of people hurring home during the Spring Festival. (春节期间,成千上万的人都在赶往家过年.)

1.where trains load or unload passengers or goods 火车装卸乘客或货物的地方 2.mary began to unload her trouble onto her mother. 玛丽开始把她的烦恼告诉她的母亲. 3.where transport vehicles load or unload passengers or goods 交通工具装卸

regardless of 英 [ri:dlis v] 美 [rrdls v] 词典 不管, 不顾; 无; 不拘 网络 不管; 不顾; 不论 双语例句 1 it takes in anybody regardless of religion, colour, or creed. 任何人,不论宗教、肤色或信仰,都可以加入. 2 regardless of

用consist of造句 consist of包括;由…组成;由 组成1、The division will consist of two tank companies and one infantry company 这个师的组成部队将包括两个坦克连和一个步兵连.2、The lungs consist of millions of tiny air sacs. 肺由数百万

consist of: 由组成 例句与用法: 1. All electronic computers consist of five units although they are of different kinds. 电子计算机虽然种类不同,但它们都是由五个部件组成的. 2. Most people are familiar with the idea that all matter consist of


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