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This division of labour is right in principle.这种劳动分工在原则上是合理的.

principle原理;原则;主义;信念A bicycle and a motorcycle are built on the same principle.自行车和摩托车是根据同样的原理制造的.

principal 可作名词或形容词,名词:中小学校长 形容词:基本的,首要的 principle 只做名词,原则,道理 希望能帮到你

make for 英 [mek f] 美 [mek fr] 意思:走向; 有助于; 促进 例句:The same principle may make for smoother writing.这同一原则也可使文章写得更通顺.The job's absolutely make for you.这工作完全适合你做.make sth for sb=make sb sth 表示:为某人做某事 例句:She made coffee for all of us. 她给我们大家煮了咖啡 .

They are my friends

despite nasty behavior of his enemies ,he still persevered with his principle.

海词在线词典:The old man was dying. It was just and shot in the dark to operate on him.那老人生命垂危,给他做手术只是没多大希望地试一试.The doctors decided to operate on him for the tumor.医生们决定为他开刀切除肿瘤.Designed to

Despite nasty how difficult, he will go to overcome 哪怕有多大的困难,他都会去克服 Despite nasty days, I will fall down 哪怕天塌下来我也会顶住 Despite nasty even if he did wrong, also can't beat him 哪怕他做错了也不能打他 Despite nasty failed

And the sensor could be used to help people on earth. 这种传感器也可以帮助地球上的人们. General said all means will be used to end the protest. 这位将军说要用尽一切方法来结束这场抗议活动. What can be used to measure how significant

A knife is used for cutting things. 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*) 不明白的再问,如果对你有帮助请及时采纳,多谢!


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