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participation in 对…的参与;对…的参加1.My small participation in that process was one of the most humbling and inspiring experiences of my life. 我在这个过程中小小的参与是我生命中最卑微,也是最令人振奋的经历之一.2.Turkey has

participant n.参加者 a.有份的 participation名词 n. [u]1.参加,参与[(+in)]2.分享[(+in)] participant是指人participation是指参与的动作.

participated 因为前面有were

participant 英 [p:tspnt] 美 [p:rtspnt] n.参加者,参与者; 与会代表; 参与国; 关系者 adj.参加的; 有关系的 参与者;参加者;有份的;与会者 复数: participants 双语例句1. A youthful teacher, he finds himself an unwilling

participant是名词take part in是动词再看看别人怎么说的.


antecedents certificate先行凭证; 先前的凭证例句筛选1.what are the antecedents and consequences of such leadership behaviors?5.这种领导行为的前因和后果是什么?2.david's antecedents came to this country more than a hundred years ago.大卫的祖先一百多年前来到这个国家.

be eager to do sth 渴望做某事; 急于做某事; eager 英[i:g(r)] 美[i] adj. 急切; 渴望的; 热心的; 热切的,热情洋溢的;

I'd much like to be included in sports.Because exercising makes me feel dynamic and thrilled.Besides,to be participating in sports I get myself to better cooperation with others.



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