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our ClAssmAtEs作文40字

my classmates i have many friends in my class. they're lovely and interesting. i would like to introduce some of them. alice is very cute. she's also kind to everyone and she's very enthusiastic. she's always ready to help everyone, but she is forgetful.

My Classmate(我的同学) Kelly is one of my classmates.She is a pretty girl but a little bit shy.She seldom talks to others. But my classmates still like her very much.Smiles are always on her face and she is friendly to others.Her study is very good.

My best friendFriends are the wealth in your life. I have a best friend whose name is Tine. We were classmates in primary school. Of all the students in our class, she used to be the tallest one with a height of 172 cetimeters. You know, for a primary

There are obvious differences between high school life and college life. First,college students will live in the dormitory with classmates who come from various places, and who may have different living habits. Second,college teachers ,instead of

There are 30 students in my class.Some take a bus to school, because they are far from my school.Some walk to school ,because their home is near our school. Some like riding缉唬光舅叱矫癸蝎含莽 a bike to school, because riding a bike to

My School Day I go to school from Monday to Friday. I am so happy at school. because i have dear teachers and classmates. In the morning, our English teacher comes to the classroom and teach us English words. we looked at the notebook and

Look, this is my classmate. His/Her name is xxx .he/she is xxx(tall/short)and xxx(beautifle).He/She has xxx(long/short)hair.And he/she has a(big/small)eyes.He/She always

one of my classmates我的一个同学用复数 因为是我的同学中的一个(我有很多个同学) many japanese因为 japanese这个词单数复数同形 用is 因为主语是一个人

Last week,our school held the school meeting.The students were very happy.My classmates took an active part in the meeting.I ran the girl-400-metre race, I did badly in it.I lost the race.I was unhappy.But my friend,Lijun joined the high jump.He won the prize.We were proud of him.We all cheered him on! 怎么样呀?祝你成功!

my classmate《我的同班同学》 amy is my best friend and she is also my classmate. amy(艾米)是我最好的朋友也是我的同学. she's one of the best student in my class and she is kind and friendly. 她是我班里学习最好的学生中的其中一个而


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