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not that:英 [nt t] 美 [nt t] (用于引出否定从句)并不是说,并非 It's not that , it's just that不是,而是应用情景:在对方产生误解的情况下,要告诉他“不是那个,而是这个”的时候,可以使用这个句型.因为是两个从句连在

1. That I don't say yes is not that I disagree with you2.It is not that he has no sense of humor3.It is not that I'm unwilling to go with you, but that I'm busy now.

Tom was not that talented in playing the piano, but he practices so hard that he can play it well now.汤姆本来对弹钢琴没有天份, 但他不断努力地练习以致他现在弹的很好.

not that: 并不是说;倒不是;与其说;不如说 例句与用法 Not that she knew what she was doing.她并不知道她在做的是什么.Not that scientists have all the answers.科学家并不能解答所有的问题.Not that Chelsea FC was in the original plan.创建切尔西俱乐部倒不是最初的计划.Not that I know of, where do you get your milk?我不知道了,那么您是从哪里品尝到这样的牛奶的呢?

I don't say "yes" - not that I disagree with you.我不说"是",并不表明我不同意你的意见.

not that 表示并不是说,相当于 not all that再看看别人怎么说的.

你好!not …… but ……不是……而是……,but后面的that应该是引导的从句打字不易,采纳哦!

she is so young that can not go to school

the tree is taller than that one. the apple is bigger than that one. tom is taller than jack. the book is more interest than that one. it is hotter than yesterday. he is a fellow as tall as his elder brother. she is five years older than i. it rains less often in spring

He was so tired that he did not continue the work


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