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National day I have been to BeiJing for a travel. it was a great journey! we have went to see the Imperial Palace and the great wall and these let me feel that I was proud to be a Chines

Oct.1st is the national day of China.In 1949.Oct.1st,was the first year of the national day of China.At that time,people were very happy,because China has been free ,the war

October.first is the National Day of China.In 1949.October.1st, It was the first year of the national day of China.At that time,people were very happy, because China has been

(1)A visit to Beijing On Oct 1st,the National Day of China this year,dad,mom and I went to Beijing to have a vacation.I was so happy because it's the first time that I visit the Great Wall.The Great

National Day(国庆节)There are many festivals in China,but I love National Day best.why?Firsty,during National Day we can have seven days off .We can go shopping,visit

National," the term refers to the national celebration of the matter, first seen in the Western Jin Dynasty. Western Jin Dynasty writer Lu in the "five other lords of" A text once the "National independence Xiang their profits, their main worry Mo

我的国庆节 当我小时侯,对于节日,最盼望的,除了春节就是国庆节了.在人人为工分拼命的农村,除了春节是没有什么节日可言.元旦五一,在冬修水利抢割小麦,三八国庆,是培育春花收割晚稻. 然而,这些节日中,国庆节又与其他节日略有不同.也许是因为为了显示祖国的繁荣昌盛,每年国庆节,村里除了要在各显要出贴上红红绿绿的标语外,还要用松柏搭一个彩棚,挂上四盏大红灯笼,写着“庆祝国庆”.我们看着

October 1st is the National Day of the People ' Republic of China,our country.I love our country and I'm so pround of I am Chinese.On the National Day,I went out with my

National Day is a legal holiday made by a country to commemorate the country itself. They are usually the independence of the country, the signing of the constitution, the birth of the head of state or other significant anniversaries; some are the saint's

今天是中国的国庆节.Today is National Day of China./It's National Day of China today.分析:1、National Day 是“专有名词”,每个单词的第一个字母要大写.2、这是一个主系表结构的简单句.主语: It系动词: is表语: National Day of


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