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My favorite place, is my home. Home is very warm, very beautiful, have a mom and dad with me. Every day I spent in such a quiet and warm environment. My bed is small, but very comfortable, although my house also is not big, but I love it.我最喜欢的地方,是我的家.家很温暖,很漂亮,有爸妈陪我.我的每一天都在这样安静温馨的环境中度过.我的床很小,但是很舒服,我家虽然同样不大,但是我爱它.

The place I love the most is Xishuangbanna Xishuangbanna, throughout the year are so beautiful, you can appreciate the natural scenery here, there are a lot of ethnic minorities, you can now singing, now dancing and these minorities, you can also

my favorite newspaper 21st century is my favorite newspaper. it is an english language newspaper which is published in beijing each week. it has sections of different kinds, including news of the week, the world today, language class, sports and

My favorite place is my house.I think it is the most beautiful place because my family have stayed here for four years.There are four bedrooms ,a living room ,a toilet and a kitchen in it.I like my house,of course,I love my family!

My favourite place to goSouth Lake park is my my favourite place to go. South Lake park is located on Lakeshore Drive, just east of the XX Lakeside Resort.South Lake is near the downtown core, and it has a small Creek enters SouthLake on the

my favourite place My favourite place is Shenzhen.Shenzhe is a modern city.It is one of China's top tourist destinations. IThe sea in Shenzhen attracted me very much.Its culture is different from the traditional culture of other cities. It is the

My favorite place is Beijing. It is very beautiful. It's the capital of our country. There are a lot of tall buildings and many interesting places there. For example, Tian'anmen Square, the Palace Museum, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Beijing

my dream placeThe first place that I dream well was a pieaseant field with a pond of deer water in it .Trees made shadows over the pond and water plants grew at the deep end .On one side was another field and on the other side we looked over a

One of my favorite places is a bookstore. I love being surrounded by books, especially when that bookstore offers more kinds of books and magazines than the general bookstores does.Every time I visit there, I have a quick browse through the book

my favorite placethere is a favorite place that is my hometown.my hometown is in panjin of liaoning province. it's lies northeast china. it's a modern city whit along history. it has a lot of beautiful scenery such as red beach and so on. every year, many


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