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my plAns For thE nEw tErm 的一篇小短文,不少于5句话 ,用上一般将

my plans for the new termfirst,i get up early everyday to listen and read english about 20 minutes.second,before i do my homework ,i review the subjects the day i have learnt .third, i will make good preparation before class , if some knowledge i don't

I will study well in the new termI know that keeping a good habit is very hard,but I still want to tryI plan to do some exercises to improve my achievementI can face the life of study very happilyI hope to get a good grade in the new termTime goes quikly,

My plans for the new term First,I get up early everyday to listen and read English about 20 minutes.Second,Before I do my homework ,I review the subjects the day I have learnt .Third, I will make good preparation before class , If some knowledge I

My plan for the new term:The new term is coming.I must make a good plan.First,I am going to ger up early and ge to bed early.Second,I am going to study hard.Because I want to have a good score.I believe in myself.Third,I will read some books.

My plan of the new termThe new term is coming,and I'm planning to make some plans to insure my improvement on every subject.My plans are as follows.First of all,I should prepare lessons because it is the most important step to study every

in a new term. we should study more hard. i made an plan for my new term. first listen carefully in every

I will have a seven-day holiday next week. In these days, I have many things to do. First, I must finish the exercises left by teachers, Chinese, math and English. It may take me two days to finish. I plan finish them in the first and second day. And then,

plans for the summer holidaysummer holiday is coming soon. i made a plan. i decided to go to hongkong with my parents. i will visit ocean park, too. i will see the pandas there. than i will visit my grandparents. i'm sure i will have a happy holiday. how happy i will be!

The new term, the new beginning, New himself, of course new plans. For high school life, after a semester of history, have been adapted, in the new semester, must strict demands on themselves, and no longer like past general loose. In the new

My plans for the coming new term Winter holiday is going on.But the vacation is too short,my new-term will come faster.Oh,I should make a New-term Plan ,because I must get ready to welcome my spring term.In this term,my marks of the end exams



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