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consensus seeking [释义] [计] (法) 合意查找; 全部释义>>[例句]adhering to such principles as equality and mutual benefit, consensus, seekingcommon ground while putting aside differences as well as voluntarism;遵循平等互利、协商一致、求同存异、自主自愿的原则;

Both parties, in order to achieve certain goals, in compliance with national laws, decrees, policies, plans and equality and mutual benefit, under the principle of consensus, clearly their mutual rights and obligations of the agreement

Some people say that campus life dull,but I think that campus life is colorful.Class,we discussed intense,mutual express their views.I once to a problem and students of the quarrel,we all disagree,we can not reach a consensus.Later,we solved the

corporate-earning公司财产Lower Corporate earning growth Market Consensus: Earning growth will be slowdue to the sluggish global growth. 企业盈利增长减慢场的看法环球经济放缓,企业盈利亦必然减慢.很高兴第一时间为您解答,祝学习进步如有问题请及时追问,谢谢~~O(∩_∩)O

Some people say that campus life boring, but I think the campus life is colorful.Class, we discuss the intense mutual comments. One time, I fight for a question and students, and we all disagree, can not reach a consensus. Later, we solved the

Both parties of equal rights, the principle of complementary advantages, knot growth period, the comprehensive partnership of cooperation, realize common development, and later the other project a solid foundation on which to build, by mutual consensus, the enactment of this protocol, in order to keep

reach an agreement


consensus例句与用法1. 两党已达成共识.The two parties have reached a consensus.www.ginyi.com.tw2. 这是全台湾人民的共识.This is a consensus of all the people in Taiwan.bbs.cderic.net 3. 感谢我们双方能达成共识.I thank we should come to a mutual agreement.www.fengyang.gov.cn

we applaud each other, filling each other, and lose the students and we encourage him to regain his confidence, we discussed intense, we can not reach a consensus, mutual express their views, we live in harmony. i once to a problem and students


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