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advantages 有点,有利的 disadvantages劣势,不利条件 advantages and disadvantages of living with parents 与父母同住的优势和劣势

1.coming to the current society 中式英文2.are willing to 改用 would like to 较好,their better life 改成 the better life3. but now 这里前后文的逻辑没有转折的意思,不应该用but4.The reason is obvious. 后文中不止一个原因,这里应用复数5. price 改

是翻译吗what are the advantages of living with parents 生活的优势是什么与父母吗

How many times haven't we heard about teenagers complaining about the fact that they'd have liked to live alone. Why? Well, because they say that they want to be independent and do whatever they wish to at ever moment. But are there only

A 试题分析:考查时态,由前面的句子They are living with their parents for the moment可以知道是进行时,因为名词own house和动词rebuild是动宾关系,所以用被动式,所以选A点评:做时态题时,首先看时间状语,由时间状语确定句子的时态,如果没有时间状语,从句子暗含的意思,确定句子时态

注意下文的their own house“他们自己的房子”,根据语境their own house应该不是他们和他们父母一起居住的房子,而是他们自己的房子.正是因为自己的房子还【is being rebuilt “在重建”】之中,所以现在只能和其父母暂时住在一起【are living with their parents 】如不明白请追问,如果满意请【采纳】祝学习进步

In my case, the disadvantages totally outweigh the advantages of living with them.Disadvantages:First of all, I need to pay them rent and split the utility and grocery bills with them. (don't even thi

My opinion about living with parents or not We have an intense debate about if we should live with parents or live alone. Different people have different opinions. Some people think that living with parents can take care of them more conveniently.

I do not have 一篇以living with family 为题的英语作文, but let me try;= I have been living with my family since birth.My family has four members, They are my father, my mother, my elder brother and me. We stay in a house with two bed rooms, My

A 正在发生的事 并且是被动的 也就是被建


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