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breathe in. breathe out. - hilary duffi remember what i wore on our first datei remember how you felt against my facei remember all the songs we used to hatei remember we were sleepless in new yorki remember how my avenues were yoursi

1-2句是CHEN唱的,3-4句是伯贤,然后有一个Down down baby是XIUMIN,第5句也是XIUMIN,后面另一个down down baby是D.O唱的,最后一个是全体的part

if ya gettin down 打印此页 歌手:5ive 专辑:invincible if ya getting down baby i want it now baby come and get it on baby i want it not baby i wanna take a little time to refresh your mind coz the boyz are back in town, with a fiffrent kinda funk who's

你好!我在酷狗里面就有it's going down 希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

歌名:ohbaby][ar:rico love]rico love - ohbaby(lyrics by allen_cd@maxrnb)maximal r b - the freshest hottest r b hip-hop music!hold on don't say nothing i just wanna make sure that your eyes are working and what goes on here only concerns the two of

rush rush-paula abadul you're the whisper of a summer breeze you're the kiss that puts my soul at ease what i'm saying is i'm in to you here's my story and the story goes you give love, you get love and more than heaven knows you're gonna see i'm


Negative Things - SelwynListen baby听着,宝贝I wonder why sometimes we fall apart oh yeah我纳闷为什么有些时候我们会闹矛盾Together we are so wonderful yeah baby我们在一起是多么完美的事情.And every single day i pray在每一个一个人

Baby come backPlayerSpending all my nights,All my money going out on the townDoing anything just to get you off of my mindBut when the morning comes,I'm right back where I started againTrying to forget you is just a waste of timeBaby come

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