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isBEAutiFul girl歌词

nothingonyou歌词beautiful girls all over the world世界各地的漂亮女孩i could be chasing but my time would be wasted我可以去追 但我的时间就会被浪费they got nothing on you baby她们比起你一无所有babynothing on you baby比起你一无所有

JR! Sean Kingston!You're way too beautiful girlThat's why it will never workYou had me suicidal, suicidalWhen you say it's overDamn all these beautiful girlsThey only wanna do you dirtThey'll have you suicidal, suicidalWhen they say it's overSee it

歌词: My girls generation I don't know why I love youMay be I follow

you're way too beautiful girl 你实在太美了 that's why it will never work 因此无人可及 you had me suicidal, suicidal 你令我走向毁灭,毁灭 when you say it's over 当你说我们缘分已尽 damn all these beautiful girl 这些该死的漂亮女孩 they only wanna


Beautiful girls,金士顿的歌词里有的那个是You are so beautiful girls

歌曲名:Most Beautiful Girl歌手:Tony Christie专辑:EasyNu Flavor-Most Beautiful GirlOoo girl I'd walk a hundred milesTo see your pretty face each time you smileThere is no distance for me, long as I can believeI'll see you tonightSimply no

i'm in love with a beautiful girlyes i'm in love with a beautiful girlwell i thought i knew all about everythingbut i'm in love with a beautiful girland she's staring through a crack in the skyyes she's staring through a crack in the skywell i thought i knew all

歌曲名:Beautiful Girl歌手:SweetboxBeautiful GirlSweetbox 神秘FgAnother magazine creates a dreamThat I can't reachThat I can't beBut I try to beAnd another label tells meThat it's just not enoughto be just meAirbrush those thoughtsCause they'

歌曲名:Beautiful Girl歌手:William Fitzsimmons专辑:beautiful girlWilliam Fitzsimmons - Beautiful GirlUnfurl your gownA distant fuller skinI knew you onceMy God the sunThe windows bare your bonesReveal your crimeBeautiful girlLet the sunrise


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