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imagine me without you

boys歌手:魏晨 专辑:乐天派 [ar:魏晨][by:david碧咸]boys -魏晨刚刚好暧昧发酵甜蜜的味道光着脚朝太阳跑像你的拥抱借你外套温柔环绕爱温度升高每张合照快乐写照彼此约好保护到老boys boys boys请让我对你很好boys boys boys这感觉真奇

Voice In The Eyes 眼睛里的声音 还是来自Luigi Rubino 那本《A Theme For The Moon》这本专辑我没法说哪首最好听 因为真的无法取舍 这首Voice In The Eyes延续了前几首的感觉 忧伤的钢琴 似有如无的女生哼唱 月色如银 思念蔓延 让人忍不住心疼的音乐 我一直觉得看一个人最应该看的地方就是眼睛 态度可以假装 笑容可以假装 可是眼睛里的东西是不能假装的 你的眼睛里又是一种什么样的姿态呢

If the heart is always searching Can you ever find a home I've been looking for that someone I 'll never make it on my own Dreams can't take the place of loving you There's gotta be a million reasons why it's true When you look me in the eyes And tell

M.I.B - (只有我辛苦) [00:07.03] [00:10.03]KangNam] In Your Eyes I Can See You Forever [00:23.84]In Your Life /再次看着我的眼睛吧 [00:27.92] /我只要有你就足矣 [00:31.66]In My Eyes I

proud of you这是歌词love in your eyes sitting silent by my side going on holding hand walking through the nights *hold me up hold me tight lift me up to touch the sky teaching me to love with heart helping me open my mind i can fly i'm proud that i can

That's where you find love歌词:In your eyes, I found the greatest prizeYou and I could not be closerAnd in your arms, is everything I wantNow I know my search is overAnd I

歌曲名:In The Mirror歌手:Yanni专辑:The Essential YanniIn the MirrorDays are comingDays are vanishingLook into my eyes do you belive in the dayChanging all the past years?When you hold the knife into your handsI want to feel itI am the

楼主,那是电视台自己改过的,你要的话只能去剪辑,不会我可以帮你.但是剪辑下来效果肯定不会好,听上去就没感觉了.那个歌是《eyes on fire》,暮光之城里的歌曲,还有一首是《prisoner of love》.送上《eyes on fire》的lrc版歌词.需

歌曲名:When You Look Me In The Eyes歌手:eoghan quigg专辑:Eoghan QuiggEoghan Quigg - When You Look Me In The EyesIf the heart is always searching,Can you ever find a home?I've been looking for that someone,I'll never make it on my


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