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He was found beaten and in shock.

shock,中文意思是“休克”. 急性循环功能不全的综合征.系由于有效血容量减少 ,心排出量不足或周围血液分布异常,致使组织灌注不良,细胞功能障碍,代谢异常,最后可造成生命重要脏器的功能丧失和机体死亡. 分类 休克可按病理生

damagen. 毁坏, 损害, 损失The store owner received satisfaction for the damage.店主收到了对损坏的赔偿.vt. 损害, 毁坏Will bleaching damage my hair? 漂染会损伤我的头发吗?shockn. 震动, 震惊, 冲击His death was a great shock to us

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你这句句子里明显把at漏掉了啊,at作为词组的一部分都要哭了啊..一般用的是be shocked at,表示被吓到/惊到

1. I can barely reach the top of the bookshelf. 2. She got to school just in time. 3. Most people hate running errands. 4. I like the hang out on the field on weekends. 5. He got hurt playing basketball. 6. I went to the art show and saw lots of paintings. 7.

1,l have a lot of books 2,there is a little boy/the tree is small a little than that tree 3,there are a few students in my classroom 4,we planed to go fishing as a result it rained yesterday 5,we learn about much knowledge according to the passage,

In a word,I think you should accept my answer.总而言之,我认为你应该采纳我的答案.【求采纳】

at an end 结束,The war was at an end. 战争结束了. in ruins 严重受损 ,The castle now lies in ruins. 那城堡现在已成了一片废墟了. rescue 援救,Rescue workers rushed to the site of the plane crash. 抢救人员冲向飞机坠毁的现场.shock(使)

The film which is fairy attracting with its plot shocking the hearts of the people stunned the movie world , 这部非常吸引人的电影,以它震撼人心的情节使电影界震惊.attracting 作表语,shocking 作定语.


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