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deal with 安排, 处理, 涉及, 做生意 cope with 与竞争, 应付 意思就不一样

compare 指把人与人或物与物之间的相同点或异同点进行“比较”、“对照”或“相比”,常与介词with连用,也可指将人与人或物与物之间的相似处进行“比拟”;还可指将某人或某事“比作”另一人或另一事物.指后面两种情况时,它常被用作不及物动词,与介词to连用.contrast指为了明确其相异之处,将一物与另一物加以“比较”或“对照”,用法和compare一样,常接介词with.虽然很多人将compare 看作是contrast的同义词,但compare常用来比较同类事物;而contrast则常被用来比较非同类事物.

in accordance to 依照, 根据, 与…一致 in accordance to your request, i am sending you sample pages of the dictionary. in accordance with adv. 与…一致,依照

in comparison to和compared with没有区别,都表示“比较”的含义.例如:Is the human heart weak in comparison with the other organs?Those places are modern compared with Tresillian.这两个短语和另一个表示比较的短语in contrast to有区

be involved in 包含在; 与有关; 被卷入; 专心地(做) be involved with 涉及 become involved in 卷入, 陷入 get involved with 给缠住

comparison to 表示与相反的东西比较 ,类似contrast to compare/comparison with表示与相近的东西比较 详细的资料见http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070723221507AAxnoVT

in line with和in conformity to 都是in accordance with 同义短语

【区别】1. with regard to用于句子开头,是习惯用法.【比如】: With regard to the money, we'd better be careful.对于钱,我们还是小心一点好.2. in regard to一般出现在句子中间.【比如】:a country's laws in regard to human rights. 一个国家关于



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