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groundless beliefs 毫无根据的信仰 这个题目应该以议论文来写

作者只是举了伽利略的比萨斜塔的试验的例子说明不一定对,没有说一定不对. 此外你试想想,许多由来已久的观念并不一定是正确的,就像中国千百年来传统重男轻女的思想. 作者整篇文章说明groundless beliefs的一些causes都只是针对一些人一些情况而言,并不是绝对的. 希望能够帮到你~


歌曲名:Beliefs歌手:we came as romans专辑:to plant a seedBeliefsWe Came As RomansWhat is this whispered thief?Is it a lie? Is it a lie?Does fabrication begin at belief?Who steals my years to keep all to themselves?Is it only just the ground

In my dream, I have a special house .In my view,the house is unique in the world. my house is on a banyan tree,a cute squirrel and bird are my friendly neighbors. We get along well with each other. I hung a beatiful swing in the branches,I like writing

Futurist Ray Kurzweil, in his recent book, Fantastic Voyage, dubs the 2020s as “the golden age of nanotech”. Nanotech first gained worldwide attention in 1986 with Eric Drexler's book, Engines of Creation, which detailed amazing wonders to


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