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《坎特伯雷故事集》基本上采用诗歌体,开头的几行非常有名:四月时分,甜蜜的阵雨飘落,穿越干旱的三月,浸透了万物的根部,把强力酒精的每一根经络浸泡,草木发芽,渐次生花;西风呼出甜美的气息,席卷了荒地和林丘 嫩枝和嫩叶,青

prologue n.序言, 开场白; 序幕 作序幕的事件 道开场白的演员(一连串事件等的)开端(to) the prologue to the French Revolution 法国革命的序幕

【general principles】意思是【总则 总纲】.【双语例句】1. The Afro-Asian nations had approved the basic general principles of non-alignment. 亚非国家已经同意了不结盟的基本通则.2. The fitst session adjourned without going beyond

累死了,累死了,乔叟的《坎特伯雷故事集》在书店里其实就有中文译本,只是不太好找罢了.这段译文较为注意韵律,因为乔叟在《坎特伯雷故事集》中运用的是五音步抑扬格的韵律(iambic pentameter),总体看来还好,还好.就是太长了

The General Prologue describes the meeting of 29 pilgrims in the Tabard Inn in Southwark (in fact they add up to 31; it has been suggested that the prioress's 'preestes three'

11. ____believes that man's fate is predeterminedly tragic, driven by a combined force of 'nature”, both inside and outside. A. Charles Dickens B. Thomas hardy B C. Jane Austen D. William Blake12. “So was it when my life began/ So is it

IV. Chaucer 1. Life 2. Literary Career: three periods (1) French period (2) Italian period (3) master period 3. The Canterbury Tales A. The Framework; B. The General Prologue; C. The Tale Proper. 4. His Contribution. (1) He introduced from France

《坎特伯雷故事集》介绍 ContextThe Canterbury Tales is the most famous and critically acclaimed work of Geoffrey Chaucer, a late-fourteenth-century English poet. Little is known about Chaucer's personal life, and even less about his education,


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