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fingertip-access在弹指之间获得例句筛选1.The Internet offers fingertip access to economic goods, a medium for politicalvoice, and instant interpersonal communication.互联网让人可以在弹指之间获得商品、表达政治观点和进行人与人的瞬时通讯.

fingertip_百度翻译fingertip 英[fgtp] 美[fgrtp] n. 指尖; 指套; [例句]The fat and flour are rubbed together with the fingertips as for pastry.像做油酥面团那样用指尖把脂油和面粉揉搓到一起.[其他] 复数:fingertips

successful adj. 成功的 succeed v 成功 success n 成功

You got wires, going in 你就像是一条贯穿而入的导线 You got wires, coming out of your skin电流从你的皮肤 渗了出来You got tears, making tracks你的眼泪滑落成一道轨迹I got tears, that are scared of the facts而我的泪 因你而流Running down

My life be like 我的生活就像 Ooh ahh yea ooh oooh 哦,啊,耶,哦 My life be like Ooh ahh yea ooh oooh Ooh ahh yea ooh oooh My life be like Ooh ahh yea ooh oooh It's times like these that make me say 有很多次我想说 Lord if you see me

希望你给分,完全人工翻译.不是很了解这首歌,有些地方翻译的不好.My life be like我的生活就像Ooh ahh yea ooh oooh哦,啊,耶,哦My life be likeOoh ahh yea ooh ooohOoh ahh yea ooh ooohMy life be likeOoh ahh yea ooh ooohIt's times


princess 英[prnses] 美[prnss, -ss, prnss] n. 公主; 王妃(王族女性成员); 女巨头,女名家; 女王;




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