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disposable chopsticks英 [dspzbl tpstks] 美 [dspozbl tpstks] n.一次性筷子双语例句 1The use of disposable chopsticks has been debated for years.使用一次性筷子的问题已经争论了很多年.2Master Huang: What nice disposable chopsticks these are. I feel reluctant to throw them away. 黄师父:这双一次性筷子挺好的.我都不舍得扔掉了.

1.throwaway chopsticks一次性筷子2.one-off chopsticks口语3.disposable chopsticks次性筷子,免洗筷

应该是“disposable chopsticks”筷子“chopstick”,一般都是成双的,因此,在这里应该用它的复数形式“chopsticks”.

chopsticks were regarded as a symbol of Asian food culture,but the mass production of disposable chopsticks causes huge damage to forests which adds further to climatic change.There are up to 1.08 square miles of forest disappear in asia each

应该翻译成 disposable chopsticks disposable 本意是 用完即丢弃的,一次性使用的例:Wastes resulting from disposable chopsticks and lunch boxes 一次性筷子和饭盒造成的浪费

一次性筷子-英语是:Disposable chopsticks“Disposable”意思是“一次性的”Disposable chopsticks(一次性筷子):)~~

如果前面没有一句话然后加上逗号的话就算连词开头了.建议将前一句话的句号改成逗号,because的B改成小写,让这句话和它一起构成一整句.另外你这句话有一点点问题吧,chopsticks后面的一撇要去掉,另外你应该是想表达一次性筷子是由树木做成的,所以要用被动,are making from要改成are made from

1 use both sides of a paper 2 reduce waste 3 recycle used things 4 reuse old things 5 take a bus or walk instead of driving a car 6 use less paper tissue 7 don't use disposable chopsticks 8 buy things made of recycled materials. 9 buy things with less package

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