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56. to see 57. mainly 58. education 59. where 60. and 61. about

are或者were 再看看别人怎么说的.


1.the 2.did 3.really 4.to tell 5.how 6.be found 7.that &nbs

完形填空试题赏析 (高三用)江苏省淮州中学 王越(一) Computer hackers(黑客)have now got their hands on mobile phones. A phone virus(病毒)can 36 your phone do things you have no control over, computer security experts 37 . It might

2015--5-2016高一英语周报课标版Book 2 Unit 3 参考答案及部分解析参考答案1-5 CCACA 6-10CBCCB 11-15 AACBA 16-20ABBAC 21-25 CBBAC 26-30 DBDBA31-35 CCACB 36-40EDACG 41-45 CADBB 46-50ADBBC 51-55 CACDA 56-60

空格应该填 “in”

找到一篇,自己看吧.Work sometimes has a bad reputation in our world.But there is somethingworse than work,and that is boredom.At least that is what Drs.KathrynRost and

56.to stay,表示"计划去做某事"使用短语plan to do sth.,因此使用动词不定式to stay.57.which/that,此处考查定语从句引导词,reasons作为先行词,引导词使用which/that,并在从句中充当主语.58.fle

优点:全文通顺流畅,还运用许多短语和句式,例如: find it adj(形容词) to do sth ;be bad for 等等但是过于口语化,例如:but now they spend too much time in front of computers;because computers will make them possible in the future.等.还有主语过度重复例如 Computers,适当的时候,我们可以使用代词it.语法错误more often,两者都不可以作为对方的修饰词,often等频度副词一般用在动词前面、继续加油!望采纳!


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