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Chinese is cool

i have a good friend .his name is tom ,tom is a hansome boy,he has blond hair and big eys. he likes computer very much ,so do i .we often play computer together after class.我有个好朋友叫汤姆,他很帅,有着大眼睛,金头发,他喜欢电脑,我也是,我们经常课后一起玩电脑 嗯,谢谢 嗯..sorry,下次不会了

The name EXO from for extrasolar ( planets)in the word EXOPLANET to contain them,from the unknown world to star. In EXO after adding KOREA K in South Korea began activities, add Mandarin M in China started its activities, and gradually

hello, handsome boy,your Chinese is not bad!

my family (我的家庭) My name is ZhongLiang.I'm 21 years old.I'm a Chinese handsome boy. 我叫张宏亮,我21岁了.我是一个中国男孩,很帅. I can speak English and Chinese. 我会讲英语和汉语. My mother is a math teacher and her students like her very much. 我的妈妈是个数学老师,她的学生非常喜欢她. My father is a hotelmanager and a people of wealthy. 我的爸爸是个旅馆老大,很富.

Good morning/afternoon/evening,I am Beckham.As you know ,our Chinese student don't have a english name until they meet their english teacher.There are many names in the english world You may ask why does my teacher give this name to me ?

不用那么认真, 网上有很多无聊之人. 香港人称呼此等人士为电车男. 无须为此等男人花费心机和时间.


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