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BE supErior to造句

优于,胜过,比好.He is superior to her brother in IQ.

be superior to 比……优越,比好优于,胜过 be superior to The human mind will always be superior to machines because machines are only tools of human minds.

superior to优于,胜于Socialism is superior to capitalism.I felt superior to him in English.inferior to次于,劣于Capitalism is inferior to socialism.I felt inferior to him in math.

be resigned to 表示自暴自弃,(精神上)陷入某种境地等resigned to 表示接受 (精神上,无可奈何的)接受,认可等在这里应该是 学会了 “听天由命” 屈服于命运 本人意见,这里翻译成 顺应天命 会更好

So beautiful you're,leaving me breathless你如此美丽,让我无法呼吸.A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.美的事物永远令人喜悦.He considered themselves to be superior to the other people.他认为他们自己要比其他人优越.The silence in the hall was awesome.会场是一片沉寂,静得有些令人生畏.That story is unbelievable. 那故事不可信.

It is harmful to be deaf to what is happening in the world.充耳不闻天下事是有害的.

.惊讶 11 be busy with 忙于做.. 准备 先找怎么多..感到生气25 be ready for 为.自豪 9 be weak in 在.而著名20 be worthy of 值得21 be (quite) equal to 相当. 熟悉24 be angry at 对.,差不多22 be afraid of 害怕23 be familiar with 对..12

1.因…而发笑 we laughed at his jokes.我们听了他的笑话都笑了.2.嘲笑, 取笑 are you laughing at me?你在嘲笑我吗?no one laughed at her when she failed.当她失败时, 没人讥笑她.the foolish boy was laughed at wherever he went.这个愚蠢

The computer is vastly thought to be superior to the book整体上来看是主系表结构!简单翻译一下:计算机被极大地认为是优于书籍的.言外之意就是,计算机比书籍要先进要优越.The computer is vastly thought 这里用的是被动语态,因为The computer 不能自己think,只能是人们think,所以这里要使用be thought来表示被动.to be superior to the book 比书籍优越,先进!比如说电脑的知识量要远远大于书籍内的知识量,也更加智能!希望能帮到你!有任何问题再找我



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