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BE mADE to用法

(1) be made of表示"由…制成", 一般指能够看出原材料,或发生的是物理变化. This table cloth is made of paper.这张桌布是由纸做的.This salad is made of apples and strawberries.这种沙拉是由苹果和草莓做的.(2) be made from也表示"

be made to do 这里是被要求去做某事.相当于be asked to do sth, be requaired to do 甚至是be forced to do sth . 一般情况下使役动词像make, let, have ,它们用主动语态时一般不加to, 用于被动时,to要加上.

be made to be doing 和be made to do的区别:be made to be doing:被迫正在做某事,一强调被迫做事,二强调正在做某事;be made to do:被迫做某事,陈述一个事实.

B主语是the reselt ,所以谓语用被动,be made done be made to do 是主语自己去做

您好!make sb. do sth.使某人做某事,如果变为被动形式sb. be made to do sth.所以,您提到的就是这个用法.例如,He made us laugh.变为被动句:We were made to laugh.我们被逗笑了.谢谢!希望帮助您!

可搭配介词有 of, from, with, by, to 等,其主要用法如下:1、be made of sth (由…制成,外形可见):Chair is made of woods.2、be made from sth (由…制成,外形不可见):Ice is made from water.3、be made with sth (由…制成,制作方式

be consist of

让某人做某事 ”make someone do something”变成被动语态是要加上to

be made for的意义以及用法?为而生 为…而做;最理想的例句1.Considerable allowances will be madefor special cases.对特殊情况将给以充分的照顾.2.Black had to be made to serve as an example for every soldier under the flag.应当让布莱

dobe made to do sth 被要求做某事是make sb do sth 的被动式(主动式省to)【希望帮助到你,若有疑问,可以追问~~~祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*)】

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