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BE EquippED with sth造句

应该是sth be equipped with sth 这个是被动语序,某物被装备 或者是sb equip with sth 某人装备某物

1,用某事使得某人留有深刻印象. 2,某人被某事深深感动. 3,使某人铭记;在某人身上做记号. she impress her teacher with her diligence. 她的勤奋给老师的印象很深. she was impressed by his words. 她被他的话深深打动了. 两层含义:my father impressed on me the value of hard work. 我父亲让我铭记艰苦劳动的价值. impress a mark on [upon] a surface=impress a surface with a mark 在表面上打记号 作为人来讲,使铭记的意思更常用.

1.是equip sth with sth 用某物装备某物. 被动(sth be equipped with sth)如:We're going to equip the room with air-conditioning. 我们打算给这个房间装上空调.He equipped his bike with a head light. 他给自行车装了前灯.注:该句型的特点

Be careful with the tiger,or he will eat you.小心老虎吃掉你.

wrestle with 全力对付; 努力克服 [例句] I have been wrestling with the difficult examination paper the whole night.我一个晚上都在全神贯注地做这份难度极大的试卷.

be satisfied with be pleased with 都有满意高兴之意,with为介词,后面跟宾语,sth或doing sth

be equipped with 英[bi: ikwipt wi] 美[bi kwpt w] 装备 [例句]chinese universities should also be equipped with bigger and better soccer pitches.中国的大学也应该配备更大的更好的足球场地.

she is occupied in looking after 3 children.她忙于照料3个孩子 希望能帮到你哦,望采纳

i'm delighted that you are back.你回来了,我很高兴.would you like to take me with you?the boy is eager to ride his new bicycle.这个男孩急切想骑他那辆新自行车.it's too hot to concentrate on book.热得不能集中心思看书.you should inform the police of his criminal plans.你应当告诉警方他的犯罪计划.

I am satisfied with your answer.我很满意你的答案.


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