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BE Anxious to Do sth造句

be anxious for sth意思是渴望做某事be anxious about sth对某事感到焦虑

前者是渴望做某事;如:I'm eager to get full marks in the exams.我希望在考试中得到满分,(呵呵,不现实) 后者是愿意,乐意做某事,如:I'm willing to help you !我很乐意帮助你!


be beneficial to [英][bi: benifil tu:][美][bi bnfl tu] v.有益于; 利于; It will be beneficial to all parties concerned. 这将会对所有有关的党派有益.

例句:I am upset to do my glass.(解释:我打翻了我的水杯.) be动词前面加一个人称代词,根据人称代词决定be动词的形式,“to do sth”表示做某事,根据想表达的意思,实时填写.BE 动词(being verbs):是指以be为词根衍生出来的一

我准备做晚饭 i'm ready to cook dinner

He is upset to do his homework(精)(锐)

be determined to do sth的意思是:下决心做某事.造句:1、that determined me to do it,那使我决心去做.2、i'm determined to do it better this time,我决心这次要做得更好.3、she determined on becoming a doctor,她决心成为一个医生.

He was surprised to watch the exciting football match yesterday.望采纳.

be surprised to do sth She is surprised to find the mistake.


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