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一Some people eat to live, but there are others who live to eat. To live a long and healthy life, we must learn to have a balanced diet. A balanced diet simply means a bit of

balanced 是平衡的意思diet 有节食的意思平衡减肥

如果把饮食平衡理解成名词短语,应该是balanced diet而eat balanced的eat是动词,我怀疑你断章取义的提了问,你们老师的讲法像是在一个句子里的主谓

it is very important to keep yourself in good health. when you are sick, you will neither be able to study nor enjoy yourself.one of the factors leading to good health is to have a balanced diet. remember"you are what you eat." you should eat more

都是对的.balance diet是个名词词组,直译为平衡的饮食,这个书面化一些 eat balanced是个动词词组,直译为平衡的吃,这个口头用的多一些 通过直译你应该能区分它们了,意思一样,只是使用场合不一样. 如果你要说,你需要饮食平衡,可以翻译成 You need to eat balanced. 如果你要说,饮食平衡有利于身体健康,可以翻译成 Balanced diet is good to our health.

My name is Pauline.I am 14 years old.I want to be a teacher or a doctor when I grow up.To be a doctor,I must be healthy.It is important for a doctor to be healthy.Before,I seldom ate vegetables.Because I disliked vegetables.I liked sweet snacks.They

little Rabbit has a coat of white hair. Like any other mammal, it has a mouth, a nose, two eyes, two ears, four legs and a tail. The Little rabbit's two ears are long and prick up on its head. It is furry,soft and white with two red eyes glaring and a three-lip

您好.diet有日常饮食的意思.而balanced这个词在这句话中时形容词.原形是balance,既可以做名词也可以作动词.所以这句话意思是 要注重饮食平衡.

A balanced diet Do not eat meat more than once a day.Fish and poult ry are recommednded above red or processed meats becaus e they are less fattening .Avoid frying food,your food absorbs the fast from the cooking oils,increasing your dietary


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