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contain[kEn5tein]vt.包含, 容纳, 容忍vi.自制v.[军]牵制(敌军)v.[数]可被除尽containContain means to hold within.For example: A jar or a glass may contain with form of liquid.容器contain[kEn5teIn]vt.包含;容纳;装有Beer contains alcohol.啤

contain vt.包含, 容纳, 容忍 vi.自制 v.[军]牵制(敌军) v.[数]可被除尽

admitted: [ d'mitid ] a. 被承认了的,公认的例句与用法: 1. Admittedly, I've never actually been there. 说实在的, 我从未去过那 . 2. Admittedly, he didn't know that at the time. 无可否认, 他当时并不知道. 3. The number admitted must not exceed

一、读音:英 [st] 美 [st] 二、意思:v. 坐;栖息;使就座 n. 坐;栖息 三、例句:用作动词 (v.) He sat at his desk working.他坐在桌子旁边工作.The students sit in a circle on the floor.学生们在地板上坐成一圈.用作名词 (n.) Would you

区别是:hold 英[hld] 美[hold] vt. 容纳; 拿住,握住; 保留,保存; 扣留,拘押; vi. 拿住,握住; 同意,赞成; 保持不变; 有效; n. 握住; 保留; 控制; [例句]1、Hold the knife at an angle.斜握住刀.2、I was woken up by someone

例句:We should all accommodate ourselves to circumstances.我们都应让自己适应环境.此处的to是介词,后面加名词和其他名词性的词.从理论上来说,可以加如代词(宾格),动名词(doing).

to 是介词,直接加宾语,或者动词的ing 形式!

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是two hundred,在表示具体数字时,不用加s

1.accommodate [E5kCmEdeit] vt.给方便, 帮助 使适应 供给住宿, 照应, 招待 容纳 调停, 调解 例句:The eye can accommodate itself to seeing objects at different distances.眼睛能自动调节以便观看远近不同的景物.2.adapt a.dapt AHD:[…


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