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Though he is rich, his life is not happy.他虽然很有钱,但生活并不幸福.It was a hard job, he took it though. 这是份苦差事,可他还是接受了.Though it was raining,we went there. 虽然下着雨,但我们还是去了那儿.Though it was barely four o'

wangming go to school, though he is ill

Though alone, he is happy. 虽然他独自一人,却很幸福

Though he's fool, I like him nonetheless.虽然他很笨, 我仍然喜欢他.She'll probably disagree, though it's worth trying.她很可能不同意, 但不妨去试一下.I'll call to see you this evening though I can stay only a few minutes.今晚我一定去看你, 即使

wangming go to school, though he is ill

Though Shanghai is a big city , Shanghai's environment is terrible 即使上海是个大城市,上海的环境还是很糟糕

1. Our plan sound as though flawless. 听起来我们的计划好像天衣无缝.2. Everything went on as usual as though nothing had happened. 一切照常进行,好象什么事也没有发生.

Although she is a beautiful girl,none like to play with her. 虽然她很漂亮,但却没人喜欢和她玩. He staggered on his views,although no man agreed with him. 尽管没人赞同他的观点,他还是坚持他的看法. 也可以把前后两个句子调换顺序 Although th

楼主你好,,:as though 的意思为似乎,好像,所以翻译时最好为虚拟语气:i can not leave you as though the fish could not leave water (我不能离开你就像鱼儿离不开水)

as though相当于as if,用法和as if一样 as if, as though 两者的意义和用法相同,引出的状语从句谓语多用虚拟语气,表示与事实相反,有时也用陈述语气,表示所说情况是事实或实现的可能性较大.汉译常作"仿佛……似的","好像……似


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