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用thErE BE写我的卧室50词

this is my bedroom.it is small but clean.there is a bed in my bedroom. near it is my desk.there is a lamp on my desk.under my desk there is a football.in front of my bed is my bookshelf.there are many books in it.beside it is a TV.I love my room very much.

哈哈正好 我自己写的哦My bedroom I have a very nice bedroom. It`s a happy world of myself.I love my bedroom. There are many things in my bedroom..There are a bed,a

there is my room .big and beautiful

There is a computer in my bedroomThere is a window in my bedroom.There is a sofa in my bedroomThere is a small bed in my bedroom,There is a table beside my bed.There is a teddy bear on my bed.There is a TV in front of my bed

This is my bedroom,It's clean!There is a chair under the desk.There are some books on the desk.There are some photos on the wall.The door is blue .The wall is write.I love my bedroom!

My bedroom is very big.The walls are white and blue.The curtains are blue too.There is a big window on the wall,so my bedroom is also very bright.There are some photos on

I have a lovey bedroom.There is a small bed in the corner of my bedroom.And on my bed,there is a brown Teddy Bear with big eyes and sweet smile.I love it very much.What's more,there are some books on my desk.

There is a lovely bed in my bedroom, decorated with a beautiful blue sequineed of flower curtains. I hope I can have a sweet sleep with it. Ilove. In the middle of the room with a large bed, a the bookcase door.There in the door on the other side of the

There is a big bed in it.There is a table in front of it,on the table there are many apples and pears.under the table there is a cat,on the wall there is a beautiful map.This is my bedroom,it is clean,tidy and fine.I love my bedroom.


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