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用tAllEr thAn造句

He is taller than before.taller用在比较级中,一般句子有than,也可以用the+比较级,the+比较级.意为越越

是一个比较级taller than

An elephant is bigger than a dog.

.i'm much healthier than before. li ming is much cleverer than any other student in their class the time i spend in doing homework is less than lily does. china is larger than any countries in africa.

Tom is taller than his brother.

He works better than me.Her English is better than mine.

no sooner said than done. 说到做到.言而必行. her parents had no sooner come than she rented a flat. 她父母一来,她就租了一套公寓. the bell had no sooner rung than the students quieted down. 铃声一响,孩子们便安静下来

Tom is taller than Jack.汤姆比杰克身材高.Boys usually grow taller than girls.男孩子通常比女孩子长得高.Tom is much taller than his brother .汤姆比他的弟弟高得多.You are taller than I. Please stand behind me.你比我高,请站到我的后面去吧!祝你新年快乐,学习更上一层楼!请记得采纳,谢谢!(*^__^*)

tom is taller than tim. tom比tim长得高.my ruler is shorter than yours. 我的尺比你的短.this bridge is longer than that one. 这座桥比那座桥长.

He runs a lot faster than I. 他跑得比我快多了. She is a teacher than whom no one is more patient. 她是个比谁都耐心的老师. My aunt stayed here for more than a week. 我姑妈在这儿呆了一个多星期.


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