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1. 神经质的;紧张不安的[(+of/about)]He's nervous of strangers.他见到陌生人就感到紧张不安.2. 神经的[Z][B]a nervous disorder神经紊乱3. 神经兴奋的;有力的,刚健的a nervous style of writing遒劲的笔法

用be nervous造句 i did badly in the interview, as i was too nervous.欢迎提问,乐意解答;愿你满意, 望你采纳.

I am nervous when i lie to my father 当我向我爸爸撒谎是我会紧张

I feel nervous before the test. 考试前我感到很紧张

But they are also nervous. 但是他们也很紧张.

She was nervous at first but soon composed herself. 跟读她起初很紧张,但很快就镇静下来.如果答案对您有帮助,请点采纳或右上角好评哦!!谢谢 O(∩_∩)O

don't be nervous. trust yourself.别紧张,相信自己(你能行的)

I was very nervous because this was my first time to be on the stage.我非常紧张,因为这是我首次登台.

1. Don't be nervous about me, I'll worry along somehow. 不要为我操心, 我会设法活下去.2. Do not be nervous about me, I will worry along somehow. 不要为我担心, 我将设法熬过去.3. That means to be nervous about having to do something, like

1 let him take a message 2 I suppose he must be a good boy 3 He is very nervous before the exam 1 让他捎口信吧2 我猜想他一定是个好孩子3 他考试前很紧张


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