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用mAkE DrivE造句

I have made promises not to smoke and to drive recklessly. 我已经承诺不抽烟和莽撞开车

my father drives to go to work 采纳

1. He got into his car and drove off.2. The wind will drive you onshore.3. You are driving me crazy.4. My uncle often drives down to the seaside for summer.5. I have already driven her to the airport.6. When my little brother keeps crying, I would drive him away.

drive 英[drav] 美[drav] v. 驱动; 开车; 驾驶; 迫使; n. 驱动器; 驱车旅行; 驱动力; 车道; [例句]I drove into town and went to a restaurant for dinner 我驱车到市里一家餐馆就餐.[其他] 第三人称单数:drives 现在分词:driving 过去式:drove 过去分词:driven

make a contribution to 捐赠;作出贡献 make a decision .决定下来,作出决定;下决心 make a display of 把…炫耀一下 make a mistake 犯错误 make a point 特别重视某一事项 make a speech .演讲

1、If you make a promise, you should keep it .翻译:如果做出了承诺,就应该遵守.2、If you make a promise, you should carry it out.; Promise is debt. 翻译:还愿.3、If you make a promise, it should be carried out. 翻译:你许了诺言,就一定要

make use of 利用 例句:we should make use of every minute to study.

I like a elephant a lot. 我很喜欢大象.could you drive me home 你可以载我回家么?望采纳

Don't make promises when you are happy 【谢谢采纳o(∩_∩)o 】 【有疑问可追问o(∩_∩)o 】

i can make my bed 我每天整理我的床铺.i make snowmen with my friends. 我和我的朋友堆雪人. i make a card for her . 我为她制l了一张贺卡.i make a boat. 我制作了一艘船.i make a kite. 我制作了一个风筝.


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