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exercise 既可当动词也可当名词用,都是“运动、锻炼”的意思.It is important to our health that we spend some time to exercise every day.我们每天花点时间锻炼对我们的健康是很重要的.(这里exercise 做动词用) Riding bicycles, swimming are both good exercises.骑自行车和游泳两种都是很好的运动.

take exercise frequently is good for your body经常锻炼对你的身体是有好处的.满意请采纳,谢谢

Doing more exercise is helpful to our health

Tom usually exercises for an hour every day in order to keep fit.汤姆为了保持健康,每天都锻炼一小时.(exercises : [动词] : 锻炼)It usually takes me thirty minutes to finish my English grammar exercises each day.我通常每天要花三十分钟去完成我的英语语法练习.(exercises [名词] : 练习)

Take exercise for example. 就以锻炼为例. Take exercise together, possibly by playing sport or jogging.一起做运动. 一起跑步或进行其它健身运动.

do some exercise:做锻炼 做运动 造句如下:Let' do some exercise.咱们做运动吧.请采纳,谢谢支持!

你好!Please exercise the words of Lesson 6.请练习第6课的单词!!希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

1.It's necessary for you to take more exercise.2.The person who never takes enough exercise is easier to get fat than the one who does exercise very often.希望能帮到你!

lz您好, 我认为应该选 b . they'd better take some exercise 中 'd 是 had 的缩写,had better do sth. 意思是 最好还是做某事,应该做某事 ; 所以 它的反义疑问句 应该用 其否定形式,因此是 hadn't they

您好!可以造为:You should do more exercise if you want to be more strong. 你需要做更多锻炼,如果你想变更加强壮. 望您采纳,谢谢您的支持!


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