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用BE mADE in造句

be made in:在 生产或制造 例句:1. The engine was made in Japan and the body in Scotland, and the car was assembled in France.发动机由日本制造,车身由苏兰生产,而小汽车在法国装配.2. Payment may be made in any of the following ways, by cash, by cheque, or by credit card.付款可用下列任何一仲方式:现金,支票或用信用卡.

be made in 在…地方制造;在…生产或制造 It is known to all , the paper was made in ancient Chinese earliest in the world .总所周知,纸张最早生产于古中国.Don't think the clothes bought abroad are all made in foreign country , in fact, most are

The pen is made in China

be made form1.most paper is made from wood.大多数纸是用木头制造的.2 the paper is made from straw.这纸是由稻草制作的.3 the bread is made from wheat.这种面包是由小麦做的.4 the wine is made from grapes.这种酒是由葡萄制成的.

This watch is made in China. 这个手表是中国制造的.

噢~be made by啊,看错了~ 是指通过谁或者什么方式做出来的 比如 This machine is made by Tom 这个机器是汤姆制造的~

The chair was made from wood. The chair was made in China.

A boat must be made of buoyant material. 船一定要用有浮力的材料来做. Wine can be made from grapes. 酒可以用葡萄酿造而成. Because your life should be made up of happiness. 因为快乐才是你的人生. Perhaps the same progress can be

The coat was made from lambskin. 那件衣服是用羊皮做的. 2. A fine yarn made from the wool of sheep raised in the Shetland Islands and used for knitting and weaving. 设得兰毛线系由在设得兰群岛饲养的羊的羊毛制成的精制毛线,用于针织和

be made from造句如下:1.Most paper is made from wood.大多数纸是用木头制造的.2 The paper is made from straw.这纸是由稻草制作的.3 The bread is made from wheat.这种面包是由小麦做的.4 The wine is made from grapes.这种酒是由葡萄制


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