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1.Don't disparage her attempts to become an actress.别贬低她想成为一名女演员的努力.2.She bluffed me into believing that she was an actress.她以假象骗我相信她是个女演员.3.The famous actress is now appearing at the Capital Theatre.目前这位著名女演员正在首都剧场演出.


1、Talented as he is,he is not yet ready to turn professional.别看他有天分,他还没把心用到专业上去.2.She is very talented.她很有才华.3.She is a talented musician as well as being a photographer.她不但

I was spellbinded by the dream.The white skirt is spellbinding.She has spellbinded the attention of many boys.He was spellbinded and lost his mind for a while.She attended a spellbinding dancing party and felt as if she were a princess.

一年级,用3个只有造句,简单的例句只有自己努力奋斗,将来才能要什么有什么.只有敢于拼搏的人,才能取得成功 .只有付出,才有回报

All these activists must be drawn into the work.所有这些积极分子都应吸取来参加这项工作

He marked price of these shirts is 80 yuan each.他制作的每件衬衫价格为80元. 望采纳

1.她一开口,大家就被她银铃般的歌声所吸引.2. 她有着天使般的脸蛋,魔鬼般的身材.3. 你忒没有水平了,提出的如此一般.4. 这个题目太一般了吧.5. 我不是一般人.

army [英][:mi][美][:rmi] n.军队; 陆军; 团体; 野战军; 例句:1.His first client was the u.s. army, which tapped him to build an administrativeheadquarters at fort bragg. 他的第一个客户就是美国陆军,后者要求他在布拉格堡建设一个行政总

Be afraid to do:I'm afraid to ride a bike.我怕骑车.Be afraid of sth:She is afraid of snakes.她怕蛇.I'm afraid so:A: do i have to do my homework?我要写作业了吗?B: I'm afraid so. 我想恐怕是的


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