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This is Wang Junkai, his singing is very good, is a musician, is a middle school student, learning is great, was the idol of many people.He is very handsome, has a black head of hair, and a pair of charming eyes.Wang Junkai band at a TF Boys,There are a lot of my records.嗯 差不多了吧.望采纳,谢谢

LEO is a sunny boy. He feel like a sunlight.陈立农是一个阳光男孩.他像一个太阳.

Rosé was born in Melbourne on February 11, 1997. She is a Korean-born female singer and a member of the women's singing group BLACKPINK.On September 15th, 2012, Park Choi-ying participated in the feat of the song "without you" in G-

Wang Junkai (Karry), born in September 21, 1999 in Chongqing, the mainland of China, a young singer, TFBOYS members, TFBOYS captain.By the end of 2010 to join TF family as a practitioner, February 2012 cover jailbird ", July cover" a like

penguins live around the south pole. they usually spend all their waking hours in the water. only during the egg-laying and mating periods do penguins actually live on land. during the egg-laying period, the female penguin lays usually one egg. this


I am duan jing

I have a friend.Her name is Lily.She is from America.She is 20 years old.She has long curly blonde hair,and she has blue eyes.She is very friendly to me.And she has many friends in america.I like her very much.She often write letters to me.She

hello everyone 大家好 let me introduce my classmate to you 让我介绍我的同学给你们 this's my classmate 这是我的同学 his name is xxx 他的名字叫xxx he comes from xxx 他来自于xxx he is xxx years old this year 他今年xxx岁 his english is very good 他的英语成绩非常棒 i think we can become friend each other in the future 我认为我们可以在将来彼此成为好朋友

my friend is 13. he is very handsome. he is tall. he is very kind to us. he studies very hard.很高兴为你解答!老师祝你学习进步!望采纳,多谢你的问题!^_^


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