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Dear Kitty How's everything going. I'm in trouble now. I am interested in surfing the internet recently. It takes me a lot of time. And I know that It's just a waste of time but I can't help myself. I go home so late that I didn't have enough time to do my

Dear Robert, I'm glad to receive your letter. Now I will tell you something about my plan for summer vacation after the final exam. Firstly, I will learn to drive. I think driving can be useful.

Nowadays, E-mail has gradually substituted the traditional letter with the development of the computer and the spread of the internet for its convenience. It is an important for

hi ms liu! long time no touch and how are you these days? in fact i have been meant to write to you for a long period of time, but i have been burdened with endless homework and barely spare the time! even phoning back home appears a luxury for

果你是比较正式的信件的话,I am writing to .;madam,格式可以这么写Dear sir/结尾的部分写上 yours faithfully这样比较正式Hello 也不是不礼貌

As the development of technology, today people keep in touch with each other not only by cell phone, but also through email. When we open computer, we may find all kinds of

dear kate ,how are you ? hope you are well.in the past 1th-may , lily and i had gone to museum in fujian .i remembered that day is friday with fine weather .as the museum is far with home only 2 kilometers,we take the bicycle and start off in 8:00 am.

原发布者:只是寒暄a HowtowriteanemailinEnglish?LOGOClarity,concisenessandbeingcorrectarethekeys清晰、简洁、无误,是写英文电邮的关键.一般,英文电子邮件包括以下4个部分:Subjectline主题Salutation称谓Mainpoint正文Closing结

Dear XXX, Good day!Last time we discuss XXX project. and at the beginning, this project is carrying on as per the schedule. But now we are sorry to get to know it will be overdue to complete. The main reason is some spare parts' production are more than the expected. Please kindly understand that. Best regards, XXX

Dear XXX,How are you? It has been a long time since we last contacted each other.How are you doing in University? Is it stressful? Mine is great. I feel more relaxed and we have more freedom now.Next month, we will be holding a New Year


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